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HIV testing and consultation room in Sapporo. It is easy to get to and has a relaxed atmosphere. HIV tests are from every Saturday.
Map to Circle Sapporo

Circle Sapporo
HIV Testing
Hours: Sat 4 to 7
English: Yes

Hospitals for Medical Emergencies on Weekends

Emergency Care In Sapporo, not all hospitals are open on weekends so if you are in need of medical treatment, please consult this page to find out which ones are open. The hospitals are on a roster so the hospitals available this month may not be the same next month.
Follow link for emergency hospital list

Meditation's Effects

That's the expression on peoples' faces when we start our ""what we did last summer"" story....
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We have put together a map with details of hospitals we have found to be responsive to non Japanese clients.

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Type the first letter of your symptom and it is translated into Japanese.

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